Headshot of Viji - Founder of Alamwar

Viji Reddy

Founder, Design Director

Viji Reddy is an award-winning multi-media artist who has an abiding interest and passion for handmade textiles. Her textile designs and products are outer manifestations of her own spiritual journey. Her passion for interior design has led her to create an extensive collection of linens and products for the home. As a painter, ceramist and textile designer, she is also a thoroughly modern woman at the front of an arc that reaches back to ancient craft-traditions of India. She has a powerful sense of entrepreneurship and it is not surprising that her embroidery is done by an Indian NGO that elevates and empowers women in rural India. Her fashion collections combine age-old printing, dyeing, weaving and embroidery techniques. Viji also has her own workshops in India where a group of skilled artisans translate her ideas into exquisite products for contemporary living. Viji travels the world displaying her award-winning textiles in international shows and has curated museum exhibits on Indian textiles, she is also a collector of exemplary and priceless antique textiles of South Asia. After raising her children and sending them off into the world, she is now intent on bringing the same nurturing, grace, style, and excitement to Alamwar Luxury Lifestyle Brand.

Headshot of Archi - CEO of Alamwar

Archi Reddy

President, CEO‚Äč

Archi Reddy is the younger of the two sisters who mirrors the passion interest in preserving textiles amongst the women in the Alamwar family. After starting a family, Archi took the cerebral road of running businesses and managing family finances. During the time, her sister introduced Indian textiles to western fashion, Archi was busy raising a family and managing several business ventures. Today, with their individual families on a set course, it was only natural for Archi to combine her forces with her sister. In this respect, Archi brings the necessary skills to give honest meaning and assurance to the idea of corporate social responsibilities and the triple bottom line. Lest it be forgotten, Archi shares the same tastes and has her own collection of rare textiles and jewelry whose modern interpretations are on offer at Alamwar.

Archie & Viji Alamwar

25 years and counting

We express our heartfelt gratitude to you for supporting us on our journey of preserving dying textiles crafts, helping artisans, and creating timeless handcrafted soft goods for Home and Fashion Collections that offer a deep sense of healing. Our core values of working with elemental methods of production and natural fibers and dyes, ensure a low carbon footprint. Thank you for walking by our side and assisting our belief and passion since 1997.

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