Native Collection: A Tribute to Ancient Cultures

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Native Collection, from Alamwar, is inspired by ancient cultures that have played a role in the passage of history and human evolution. The collection pays homage to the similarities in underlying stories, value systems, and design vocabularies of early civilizations across the world.

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Limited Edition

For this collection, each piece is hand block printed with natural botanical dyes and hand embroidered by artisans, showcasing an array of motifs that are repetitive and timeless designs that occur in nature and are shared by ancient communities from Africa, South America, Native America, South East Asia, and many others.

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Native Collection & The Tradition of Natural Dyes

Alamwar has a deep-rooted tradition of using natural dyes, which we revived recently that now has a better understanding and appreciation. Today, we create attractive and cutting edge collections that are presented to distinguished patrons and designers who use our fabrics and finished soft goods. The wool yarn used in The Native Collection is hand spun, dyed by hand using natural dyes, and then woven into luxurious fabrics on a handloom.

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Artisanal Wool from Mountainside Communities

For The Native Collection, Alamwar has used handmade artisanal wool from various parts of India including the mountainous areas of the Himalayas and the desert regions of Kutch and Rajasthan in Western India.

The wool is procured by pastoral communities who have small herds of sheep, camel and yaks to create fabrics that adhere to and embrace the values of Small Batch production.

Each piece exudes the spirit of the artisan who embellishes the product inspired by nature. Empowerment and preservation are our cornerstone mantras that support Slow Textiles principles.

Place your orders now for the Native Collection. We will begin shipping in late September.

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