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Alamwar: A Legacy Woven in Thread

Rooted in Tradition, Reaching the World

The story of Alamwar begins with a symphony of carved wood. Hand-crafted blocks, teeming with life – tropical blooms, birds in vibrant plumage, and majestic tigers – comprised the stylized design vocabulory used to create the exquisite textiles of India's Deccan Plateau. These hand-printed and hand-painted fabrics, commissioned by royalty,, the Rajas and the Nawabs, became known as Chintz and Paisley, forever etched in textile history.

Indian textiles boast an ancient lineage, dating back to 2500 BC. Renowned for their color-rich natural dyes and luxurious fabrics, they captivated travelers and merchants. Tales of these exquisite silks and cottons spread to Europe and the Far East, sparking a trade route that flourished in the 17th century.

Beyond mere adornment, textiles in India held a deeper significance. They served as storytellers, depicting heroes and gods, and as economic powerhouses, facilitating trade across vast distances.

Alamwar's archive of hand-carved blocks whispers of this rich history. These very blocks serve as a tangible link to the Deccan's textile heritage. Our design language reflects a vibrant tapestry of cultural exchange, evident in our stylized prints and motifs.

At Alamwar, both Home and Fashion collections are meticulously crafted using hand-woven linens, silks, and cottons. We are deeply committed to honoring and supporting the artisans who have perfected their skills for generations: the weavers, embroiderers, dyers, and painters who breathe life into each piece of cloth. Their intricate handwork, dedication, and passion are the beating heart of our collections.